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Re: INK: The GNUstep Text Application

From: nicola
Subject: Re: INK: The GNUstep Text Application
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 11:00:10 +0100 (BST)

Hi Fred, I am very happy to see ! :)

That's a great idea, and I think it'll help a lot working on the NSText

<OT about packages and maintainance>

I think Adam's point in making a new module/package with the Testing stuff
would be a good idea.  A reasonable number of loosely-coupled packages is
easier to maintain.  Ideally, I wonder sometimes if we should break the
core package into the composing packages, and leave out the idea of
compiling and installing the core stuff all together.  This would
considerably simplify maintaining the packages.

Btw, it's a while the idea of teaching the gnustep make package to
automatically generate binary rpms has been floating in my mind, and the
technical details are slowly getting clearer and clearer.  I wonder
whether I should study the debian packaging system too before starting the
work, and try making sort of a unified engine for creating both rpms and
debs.  In any case, I am pretty sure it will be much more easier to work
with separate little packages than with a big core package.

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