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Re: gui changes.

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: gui changes.
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 16:59:42 +0000 (GMT)

> > Read the doc for NSCell -setShowsFirstResponder:
> > 
> > "Sets whether the receiver displays a dotted-line outline when it
> > assumes first responder status."
> > 
> > That's a heap of rubbish.  A cell is *not* a responder, and so it can
> > *never* assume first responder status.  The fact that a cell is not a
> It seems to me a documentation bug.

Ok - fine then.

> > The correct totally natural and obvious design is - 
> > 
> > a cell should have a state variable which determines whether it draws
> > a dotted outline or not.  This variable can be set/read by using
> > something like -setDrawsDottedOutline:, -drawsDottedOutline.
> This is the behaviour of -setShowsFirstResponder: and -showsFirstResponder

Ok - that's fine then - it looks nice - then you must fix NSCell
-setShowsFirstResponder: on CVS, because that is not what you implemented.

> > The cell
> > takes *no* decision whatsoever about responders; it just implements
> > the code to draw the dotted outline, and that code can be turned on
> In the -NSCell drawInterior... it does not check anymore if the control
> cell is the first responder... this is a 'bug' that I have to commit.

`anymore`...  Anymore on your machine perhaps.  On CVS it *does* check.

> > I suggest using setDrawsDottedOutline: drawsDottedOutline in our
> > implementation.  I suggest implementing setShowsFirstResponder: in the
> > control.  And finally, to attempt some sort of portability, we
> What you want to to is basically change the method name 
> -setShowsFirstResponder
> to -setDrawsDottedOutline: and this does not look reasonable to me.

If the -setShowsFirstResponder: method does what my hypotethical
setDrawsDottedOutline: would do, and not what the apple documentation
says, nor what your implementation on CVS does, then it's fine to keep the
name it has.

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