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bundlelisation of the backend

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: bundlelisation of the backend
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 21:13:50 -0600

I'm starting to look at Frederic's patch for bundlisation of the backend
(if no one else is), but I was worrying about the issue of

For one thing, what do we do with the LIBRARY_COMBO? Theoretically, we
could just gete rid of the backend part, so we have just gnu-gnu-gnu or
something similar, but that might introduce many incompatibilities
(particularly since we need to be aware of that now). The other problem
is that you would be forced to use bundles for backends. My second idea
is to get rid of LIBRARY_COMBO altogether, although again there are
compatibility issues, and this also compromises the ability to create gc
libraries (which use something like gnu-gnu-gnu-xgps-gc).

My last idea is to keep the same structure, but introduce a new
'backend' callend 'bnd' or something. It's much simpler and fully
compatible with the current structure. The more I think about it, the
more I like this one (Heck, if you don't like all those directories, use
the FLATTENED structure)

Adam Fedor, Digital Optics            | Fudd's law of opposition: Push
address@hidden     | something hard enough, and it 
address@hidden | will fall over.

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