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GNUstep release 0.7.5

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: GNUstep release 0.7.5
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 00:10:32 +0200

We have only two more months left until the planned release of 0.7.5 of
GNUstep. What I want to get is a revised task list for this release, so
we can concentrate our efforts on those parts of GNUstep that will give
the greatest benefits to users in this short period of time. My personal
priority list is as below:

- I don't see how we should get a win32 backend until December, so we
should drop this from our list. Maybe I will be working on this later
this year, but we can not expect a working library until much later.
- The biggest efforts should go into Gorm and Adam already did a lot
here. What we need most is support for the more complex views, as
NSMatrix, NSTextView and so on.
- Some months ago I did send a proposal for a simple implementation of
colour panels to Nicola, and he wanted to finish them. This is something
I really would like to see in 0.7 as these could help with Gorm a lot.
- The window manager interaction I did propose in one of the last mails
should be implemented, so that GNUstep works together with any current
window manager.
- I don't think that we will finish the text system, as we planed to do.
Still we could implement some more here, e.g. the ruler classes and
support for them in NSTextView.
- It should be possible to implement NSOutlineView, as this class is not
too complex.
- Myself, I am still trying to check the current state of all our gui
code until we release 0.7.5 This will provide a consistent quality of
our code. 


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