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From: Adam Fedor
Subject: autogsdoc
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 20:58:18 -0600
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I'm jazzed about the new tool you wrote. I just (re)wrote NSPrintPanel and NSPageLayout and adding gsdoc documentation was almost trivial! I'm sure I'm doing something wrong since the chapter heading appears twice (mine and one added by autogsdoc), but I'll figure it out eventually and just regenerate it. Cool!

BTW, quicky script to make library documentation easy:

autogsdoc -DocumentationDirectory ../../../Documentation/gsdoc \
        -SourceDirectory ../../../Source $*

Adam Fedor, Digital Optics            | Fudd's law of opposition: Push
address@hidden     | something hard enough, and it
address@hidden | will fall over.

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