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GUI, Things to fix.

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: GUI, Things to fix.
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 20:49:51 -0700
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Someone sent an email about some bugs in the text classes (attached). If anyone has time :-), it would be nice to fix these before the next release.

Also, I think the font problem that people are having is a serious issue. It's possible that we may need to revert to the previous behavior until we can clean up the graphics handling more generally. Any comments?

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There are some problems with te various text component of GNUstep. The
first problem is the ESC key. Pressing the escape key cause boxes to
be inserted in the text which can only be deleted by pressing the
Backspace key (not the DEL key). This occurs in apps like GNUMail and
GWorkspace. The other problem is the Enter key in text areas, like the
one in the compose window of GNUMail. When you press the enter key,
the blinking cursor does not go to the next line, but stays on the
current line. When you start typing text it will go to the next
line. Pressing the Enter key twice (which I did, because I thought
that I did not do it well) results in the cursor being postitioned two
line below the current line.

Another issue is the Tab key. It does not work correctly.  Things
which can occur:

1) There is an extra space in front of the cursor (which dissapears
2) The tab appears when you start typing the text (behaviour like the
Enter key)

Also, using <SHIFT> arrows to select text does not work (but that has
probably something to do with not being able to copy/paste text into
text related gui components) Selecting text with the mouse does work.

Another problem is the following. This mail is typed in GNUMail. When
I resize the window, so that a scrollbar appears on the left side, and
I scroll down the text area, the text at the end of the area gets all
garbled. (You see the last line twice or an "after image"
appears). This is also the case when you are reading a mail sent to
you. Scrolling the text area to the bottom results in garbled lines.

Finally, the HOME key works incorrectly. END works ok, it gets you to
the end of a line. But HOME brings you to the beginning of the text
area. And PageUp, PageDown don't work

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