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Re: What's my stupid mistake with mingw?

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: What's my stupid mistake with mingw?
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 11:04:38 +0000 (GMT)

> Not that I doubt you, but I checked for myself to see the degree to which
> this is the case, and it does appear to be a pervasive and fundamental
> problem.
> I guess the best we can do then is to add a check for embedded spaces in
> the makefiles system.

I'd like to know what other users of these unix compatibility environments
on Windows do - other projects porting to windows with these unix
compatibility envs will likely have a similar problem ... if any path
containing spaces ends up in one of their makefiles, they're going to have
the same problem.

> Perhaps if GNUSTEP_USER_ROOT contains spaces, we could replace it with
> /home/$USERNAME (which is where cygwin user info seems to go)
> as long as $USERNAME does not contains any spaces, and with 

I think it would be wise to do something radical in this spirit, trying to
get rid completely of the whitespaces from the very beginning.  Since I've
never seen Windows XP, I have no idea of the exact terms of the thing.

But please don't forget that gnustep-make's ./configure allows you to set
up each of GNUSTEP_*_ROOT to point wherever you want on disk.

Normally, GNUSTEP_USER_ROOT is set up to ~/GNUstep.  If you want to set it
up to /home/$USERNAME/GNUstep, you can do it -

./configure --with-user-root='/home/$USERNAME/GNUstep'

(you need the 's to make sure that $USERNAME is not expanded when you
configure, otherwise all users will use your GNUSTEP_USER_ROOT :-), but
that it's passed unexpanded to configure, and will be expanded when is executed, so each user will get his own different dir
depending on user name).

As far as I know, if by choosing the appropriate GNUSTEP_*_ROOT dirs it
work in this way, perhaps we don't need to modify gnustep-make, but you
can add the suggestion to use that flag to the installation instructions
for Windows.

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