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db / gdl2

From: David Ayers
Subject: db / gdl2
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 13:33:16 +0200
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Hello Everyone,

I've just checked the archives. It has been a while since the first time (Janurary or even earlier?) gdl2 was "pre" announced. Now if I understand it correctly, there are still some unresolved leagal issues. In the meantime, I was wondering whether we could reactivate (or rather intensify) support for the db-libs.

1. Is there a reason why these libraries are installed in GNUSTEP_LOCAL_ROOT instead of GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT by default? 2. Is there a reason why the installed header file names eoaccess/eoaccess.h & eointerface/eointerface.h aren't named as the Openstep files i.e. EOAccess/EOAccess.h and EOInterface/EOInterface.h and are there for incompatible for Openstep apps? (Oops, there is no eointerface.h! OK then I'll just refer to the eoaccess/eointerface directories and the eoaccess.h file.)

There will be more questions to follow. If someone is willing to fill me in on some of the details and maybe check my changes, I'll try to get db back up to par. (We could handle some of this off the list.) And just maybe, by the time we're finished, we will have gdl2 accessible ;-) and the updated db will finally be obsolete!


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