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Re: Documentation

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: Documentation
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 02:53:12 +0200

> I think a good idea would be to set up a WikiWikiWeb site for GNUstep
> documentation and discussion. If you're not familiar with the Wiki
> concept, a good (and quite relevant) example is
> , a Wiki dedicated to Cocoa development on Mac OS X. Another example is
> the Wikipedia (, a Wiki encyclopedia.
> Basically, in a Wiki, anyone can contribute. Anyone can create a page,
> or edit a page. It stores page history, in case someone comes along and
> decides to replace an entire page with the word "POOP" or to post
> advertisements (those have happened on CocoaDev a few times). That way,
> not only could GNUstep developers write good documentation, but anyone
> can add documentation, or improve on anyone else's documentation.
> Tell me if you like this idea.

Sounds a bit chaotic, but it might work in the early stages :). In time,
we might want to have stricter control over what goes in the 'real'
documentation, although a way of adding comments to pages you can't
modify would still be useful. Distribution in different formats,
off-line viewing, and printing are also potential issues. I'm afraid I
don't know that much about Wikis, but the concept sounds very
interesting. Is there one that can handle all this?

> --Adam

- Alexander Malmberg

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