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Re: Working on new backend

From: Chad Hardin
Subject: Re: Working on new backend
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 20:21:22 -1000
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"Adam Fedor" wrote:

> Chad Hardin wrote:
>> This is just an announcement to avoid possible (albeit unlikely) duplication
>> of work.  
>> I've started on a new backend for DirectFB, I hope to have something usable
>> within 2 weeks.
>> Also, what would be the preferred names for the splits of this backend?
>> DirectFB and DirectFBlib?  (like win32 and winlib)
> I named the first after the windowing system (like x11) and the second
> after the graphics model (like xlib or art). How are you doing the
> graphics? Something like the art backend is pretty generic, although it
> may need to be modified slightly to work with DirectFB.

The current situation split I have planned is so:
DirectFB: windowing system using directFB multi-app capabilities
DirectFBlib: DirecFB based graphics and font rendering (very basic)

In the future there may be an addition something like:
This will still use DirectFB but will draw using artlib.  Pretty reasonable,

On the other hand...

Has there been any discussion of creating a deeper hierarchy of directories
for the backend?

Maybe Something like?



This would prevent a confusing clutter if different windowing systems start
using libart


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