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Re: Window decorations

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: Window decorations
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 20:51:59 +0200

"Chris B. Vetter" wrote:
> > ourselves, so we still need to handle the case where something manages
> > them for us.
> That's where I was getting at. A WM would only be necessary for running
> non-GNUstep-based apps (like a web browser or xv ;-). I'm not sure if
> it's feasible, but... let's say GNUstep has an 'internal' window manager,
> the first application would grab the root window, effectively running as
> the 'parent' (ie. a window manager), every application, even plain X11
> based, could be managed. Ideally, the first app to be started should be
> GWorkspace (or an alternative *gasp* heresy ;-) ...
> Just a thought though,

This isn't a good idea, though. GSDisplayServer is meant to be used to
manage an application's own windows; it won't handle non-GNUstep
windows, and in practice, you probably wouldn't even be able to do
anything about other app's windows. Trying to add this to the interface
and the implementations would add lots of complications and problems and
bloat the code.

If you're in a windowing system with both GNUstep windows and 'native'
windows, you might not need a wm if you run only GNUstep apps, but if
you want to run native programs, you'll need a window manager that
speaks "native". I don't see that we would gain anything by trying to
fit this into the backends.

(Besides, what would you do if the first app crashes? :)

> --
> Chris

- Alexander Malmberg

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