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Re: Question about Layers...

From: Jeff Teunissen
Subject: Re: Question about Layers...
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 23:25:36 -0500

Chad Hardin wrote:

> Right now my lightweight window manager NuVu has 5 possible layers
> (lowest, low, middle, high, highest).  I recently noticed that OS Xs
> window server can have 64K layers ( a 16bit number).  Is this or do you
> anticipate this many layers will be needed by gnustep?  It's an easy
> fix, it would just involve a deeper level of pointers in the code so I
> want to see if it's really necessary.

Well, 5 doesn't seem to be enough -- there were 7 defined layers in
NeXTstep/OPENSTEP, even though they also used a short int.

Top level: "spring-loaded" windows -- popups, pulldowns, right-click
Second level: Attention panels.
Third level: the main menu.
Fourth level: other menus.
Fifth level: the dock.
Sixth level: floating panels.
Seventh: all other windows.

I believe GNUstep adds a window level for things such as a desktop.

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