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Re: GDL2 on MacOS X

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: GDL2 on MacOS X
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 20:36:59 -0700
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Timothy J. Wood wrote:

How are you dealing with the fact that EOModel and EOEditingContext are patented (6,085,197; 5,956,728; 5,873,093)?

I don't have a great answer for this. Heck, even things like the next key view concept are patented. GNUstep has always been walking on thin ice wrt Apple, which has always taken a dim view of any sort of infringement. Perhaps it's because we're free software. Or perhaps it's because we're really about the interface, not the implementation, which can always be changed. Although in this case, it's very very hard to make gdl2 work without infringing the patent: gdl2 was really written over a year (maybe two?) ago - we just spent the last year thinking about legal issues...

I imagine any commercial users will have the hardest time deciding whether to use this or not. After all, it's much better to sue people who actually have money. Although, since gdl2 is a drop in replacement and you wouldn't be distributing it yourself...ah, but then those lawyers are wiley creatures...

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