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Re: Re[2]: GDL2 on MacOS X

From: Stéphane Corthésy
Subject: Re: Re[2]: GDL2 on MacOS X
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:33:42 +0100

On Thursday, Nov 21, 2002, at 12:06 Europe/Zurich, Manuel Guesdon wrote:


On Wed, 20 Nov 2002 10:08:37 +0100 Stéphane Corthésy <address@hidden> wrote:

| On Wednesday, Nov 20, 2002, at 04:21 Europe/Zurich, Adam Fedor wrote:
| > Stéphane Corthésy wrote:
| >> I have some questions now:
| >> - What is the current state of gdl2?? How compatible is it with EOF
| >> 2? WebObjects 4.5's EOF implementation?
| >> - Do gdl2 developers plan to support MacOS X? If they reply "no", no
| >> need to read remaining questions ;-)
| >
| > They (we?) should. Although I don't think any of the main developers | > use MacOSX so we would rely on patches and bug reports from others.
| >
| > I don't think your patch will work though, since you need the garbage | > collecting classes for gdl2. We're working on a compatibility library
| > that you could compile on MacOSX to get this to work.
| Well, if we could avoid using that garbage collector... You wrote that
| gdl2 should be usable without GC, so why hardcode superclass
| dependencies?

I don't see how GDL2 could avoid garbage colection or similar mechanism.
     (Resolving cycles within your model. A garbage collector)

NeXT solved the problem, didn't they?
If you have an EOObject registered in an EOEditingContext, it may/will have retain-cycles, due to relationships between EOs, and when you unregister the object from the EC (when the EC is itself dealloc'ed, or the object is refaulted), then the object shall clear its EOProperties, i.e. all EORelationships of the object shall be set to nil, thus breaking retain-cycles. See -[NSObject(EOClassDescription) clearProperties]. Wouldn't it be enough?


| >> - Does it even compile on a GNUStep system?? I had to correct some
| >> code, independant of platform.

Yes, it compile well on my computer. But with a previous version installed
(I haven't tried from scratch).

| >> - gdl2 is not consistent regarding retain/release and garbage
| >> collecting; sometimes macros are used for retain/release, sometimes
| >> method calls are used. How should it be done?
| >
| > macros should be used, since it's possible to compile GNUstep with
| > automatic garbage collection, so that retain/releases aren't even
| > needed.
| I understand that. The fact is that currently gdl2 implementation is
| not consistent at all. Needs a spring cleanup.

Concerning GC, I don't think so: there's part where GC is needed
(see above) and parts where retain/release or GC could be used.


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