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Re: Configure can't find Guile library

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: Configure can't find Guile library
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 13:38:42 +0000 (GMT)

> Hi
> I try to install gnustep-guile. The configure script tells me
>       checking for scm_newsmob in -lguile... no
>       configure: error: Could not find guile library
> But when I make
>       # rpm -q guile
>       guile-1.4-8

If you look into ScriptKit/path_guile.m4, it seems for some reason you've
ended up executing the code for guile-1.2.  That should happen only if
'guile-config' couldn't be found.

Have you installed the guile-dev rpms ?  You should have both guile and
guile-devel installed - 

nicola:/opt/nicola$ rpm -qa | grep guile

If you have them installed, you need to figure out why 'guile-config'
couldn't be found.  Try typing 'guile-config' on the command line.  I get

nicola:/opt/nicola$ guile-config 
  guile-config --version   - show installed script and Guile version
  guile-config --help      - show usage info (this message)
  guile-config --help SUBCOMMAND - show help for SUBCOMMAND
  guile-config link        - print libraries to link with
  guile-config compile     - print C compiler flags to compile with
  guile-config info [VAR]  - print Guile build directories

which means guile-config is in my PATH.  If your guile-config is not in
your PATH, then you need to:

 * find out where you guile-config is.  (typing 'rpm -ql guile-devel'
would help, look in the list for the 'guile-config' file [on my system
it's in /usr/bin]).

 * run ./configure with the option 
./configure --with-guile-exec-prefix=where_your_guile-config_is

Hope that helps.

Please forgive me if you already found out the solution (or if someone
else has already provided it, I've been away one week) :-) - I was looking
at gnustep-guile and thought I remembered a guile problem in an email, so
I thought I would give a quick look at it.

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