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Re: Determining HOME under MinGW

From: Roland Schwingel
Subject: Re: Determining HOME under MinGW
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 17:11:33 +0100
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Hi Tom (and list).. :-)

Well. The HOMEDRIVE / HOMEPATH construction is
indeed used in bigger environments... We yet use it and rely
on it to be there... Changing it would at least break things here.

Changing it to USERPROFILE  might be a bad idea aditionally
because when having (not so infrequent) problems with the
userprofile (and the windows settings stored there) it is good
idea to delete that profile and start out fresh. Loosing the custom
data stored there by GNUstep applications will cause aditional
trouble by this act...

So I hope it will be not changed...


   Tom Koelman <address@hidden>
   Sent by: address@hidden
   27.11.2002 16:40
To: address@hidden
        Subject: Re: Determining HOME under MinGW

Richard Frith-Macdonald wrote:

> I'll trust that this is a good idea ... I don't know about windows ...
> I've implemented USERPROFILE in NSHomeDirectoryForUser() and
> in the corresponding user_home.c code in the make package.

Well, USERPROFILE is the location where user specific files are
usually stored. The HOMEDRIVE / HOMEPATH construction is used _very_
seldomly, as far as I know, actually I hadn't heard of it's existance
before I discovered OpenStep.

In the near future I might even give a stab at getting the user and
system settings in the registry instead of a file. Not sure about that
yet, though.


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