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Re: gnustep-make frameworks: multiple entries in FRAMEWORK_NAME

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: gnustep-make frameworks: multiple entries in FRAMEWORK_NAME
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 13:31:39 +0100
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Nicola Pero wrote:

Hello Nicola,

could I PING you on this patch?

If you don't have time for it soon, then I will start on handling it specially in the gsweb makefiles for now.

Hi David,

thanks - my fault - being swamped with things to do.

I'll have a look at it in the weekend.


I'll be preparing the patches for GSWeb. The first couple will be "preparatory" and won't depend on this yet. But I'd like to get the whole thin in, in the next week or two, and that would be extremly helpful.

BTW: are the <lib>.make (ei. gsweb.make) supposed set all the make-vars needed to build projects "USING" this lib or are the only to set the ones needed to build the lib itself. (i.e. include the libs that they depend on or the libs that they depend on plus the lib itself.)

I somehow believe it's the latter. But in my case there are alternatily 2 sets of libs to be used. Either with WONames or with GSWNames, and even once selecting them, an app/tool using the lib could still decide on whether to use only the main lib, the main lib and extensions1 or the main lib, extensions1 and extensions2. Now I currently I have this incorperated into one gsweb.make, which evaluates certain vars to decide which libs to include. But I could slpit in either into: 2 files: gsweb.make, gsweb_wo.make (still using vars to differentiate main lib/extensions1/extenstions2) 3 files: gsweb.make, gsweb_ext.make, gsweb_extgsw.make (still using vars to differentiate GSWNames/WONames) 6 files: gsweb.make, gsweb_ext.make, gsweb_extgsw.make, gsweb_wo.make, gsweb_wo_ext.make gsweb_wo_extgsw.make

On the one hand having them all in one file makes them easier to maintain. on the other hand projects using them would have it eaiser as they just import the correct file and needn't worry about the vars. In theory I could do both by using to evaluate all needed vars and have the other 5 merely set the apropriate vars and then include gsweb.make.

What do you think?


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