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Re: NSDictionary / KVC

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: NSDictionary / KVC
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 21:26:53 +0100
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Manuel Guesdon wrote:

The problem come from #if !FOUNDATION_HAS_KVC
around line 199

Code has been partialy duplicated in EOGenricRecord to make it working without interfering too much with core/base.

OK, I'm home now and am back at it...

I believe most of these problems with KVC were introduced by the Mac OS X "fixes" checked in 6 weeks ago because the patch submiter wanted to rely on OS X default implementations rather than having them overriden by GDL2. Ever since then I also started having the problems and that's why I started rewriting KVC. Yet my objects merely derive from NSObject and not from EOGenericRecord. I haven't setup tests for KVC on EOGenericRecord, so the partial patch I'm about to post will only touch EOKeyValueCoding, and even there I wasn't able to get trough the entire file. But my app is currently working again.

I'm not sure whether we should either revert the original patch: "OSX fixes. Addes eoutil." for EOKeyValueCoding and EOGenericRecord or whether you could wait another week or so until I can finish up on EOKeyValueCoding and see if I can fix up EOGenericRecord. (Sorry, my daytime job is really keeping me tied down currently.)

Anyway I'll put together what I have and maybe that will help you, already.


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