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Re: GDL2/KVC...

From: Stéphane Corthésy
Subject: Re: GDL2/KVC...
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 10:46:50 +0100

(head bent down)

Mea culpa, my fault, désolé.

I did that stupid patch, and didn't realize how stupid it was until I really needed what was (previously) in EOGenericRecord. I shouldn't have had to disable the implementation of KVC in EOGenericRecord, as we also need it on OSX. In fact, in the (modified) sources I posted on our website last week I already had reenabled (partially) the KVC for EOGenericRecord, and corrected some (real) problems in it (recursive calls).
I'll check now your new version and see whether it still works on OSX.


On Saturday, March 22, 2003, at 12:45 AM, David Ayers wrote:

David Ayers wrote:

Manuel Guesdon wrote:

Seems last modifications have really broken GDL2. Before updating, I has a working version of GDL2+GNUstepWeb+GNUstep. After I get core dumps, exceptions,...

This happend to me too, and thats when I started reimplementing KVC.

I've commited my changes and tried to revert EOGenericRecord.m to a working version. I've fixed some other broken things (loops in EOEntity/EORelationship descriptions, loops in EOFault

Could it be possible that before commiting changes, we make enought test in debug mode to try not to break (too much) things ?

I agree, and I'll try to have the guile tests in by Monday evening at the latest. But, since you are currently testing and have extra time, could you please have a look at my WIP... (I would like finish before the official RFA though.)

* EODefines.h: Added to coordinate exporting of functions.
* EONSAddOns.h/.m: Added GSUseStrictWO451Compatibility() function (and utility class for locks)
* EOKeyValueCoding.h/.m: Rewrite.

Actually please ignore this version... something went *really* wrong after moving half finished versions back and forth and updated from cvs... I'll post this again when it is really finished.


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