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Re: GDL2 - patches for OSX (1)

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: GDL2 - patches for OSX (1)
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 10:49:23 +0100
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Stéphane Corthésy wrote:


Apple's ProjectBuilder doesn't use Makefiles by default: they use jam instead of make, and the jam file is created on-the-fly by PB during compilation. No risk of cluttering Makefiles. Headers need some modifications, whatever make system is used, because I use Apple's Foundation instead of GNUstep's.

But our GNUmakefiles might need to be clutterd to handle the OS X triggered modifications in the headers.

I don't know whether Nicola wants to support Apple's runtime too: do the makefiles support it, or do they support only GNUstep's?

AFAIK that's what the --with-library-combo configure option is all about.

Personally I prefer using PB, because I find it's a good IDE. I can easily maintain project, perform changes, searches, edition of code. Of course it's a different make system that would need to be maintained separately.

I agree that we need to get some more work done in ProjectCenter. (That was what you were implying wasn't it ;-) ) Something I also dropped after noticing that a lot of the problems I had with it were actually gui issues. But I think once the new text system stabalizes, it would be great if some one took another shot at it.

Anyway, if you prefer not including in the official distribution, no problem: I will maintain it and provide people an up-to-date version, as well as for other projects like gnustep base, gsantlr and gsweb. I let you maintain your makefiles, I won't use them: my target is OSX currently.

Like I said, AFAIK, you can target OS X and use gnustep-make. It's too bad if your don't want to supply patches for our GNUmakefiles which is really rather straight forward. But as they are really rather straight forward, I don't really have a problem with updating them to fit your patches, it just might postpone things. Which is not to imply that you patches are not welcomed!


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