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Re: RFC: GDL2 differences to EOF / WO4.5.1

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: RFC: GDL2 differences to EOF / WO4.5.1
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 19:11:27 +0100
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Marco Scheurer wrote:

I'm not sure I understand this completely. OCUnit is distributed with a Free BSD license with no advertising clause. According to

this is a GPL-Compatible, Free Software License. Then what would be the problem?

And if this a problem would it work with a GPL license and a Sente copyright, or is a FSF copyright required to make a "GNU package"?

No please don't misunderstand me! I didn't mean it was a legal issue. It's just that when we had this discussion a while back, I got the impression that GNU projects *should* use GNU guile as *the* "official" scripting/testing framework and a lot of people put a lot of work into it. That's why, back then, it was pointed out that we *should* use the *GNU* libraray rather than some other free library.

Back then, I might have prefered using OCUnit, but now I also went through the trouble of learning (parts of) guile / greg / scheme and I'm pretty close to submitting something now, I'm a little reluctant to throw that away.

But given Adams response, we might still go that route, once it's up to par.


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