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Re: Release schedule

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: Release schedule
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 04:15:32 +0200

Adam Fedor wrote:
> On Saturday, March 29, 2003, at 07:26 PM, Alexander Malmberg wrote:
> > Not currently, but this doesn't say anything about GNUstep's long term
> > goals. Having a clear position on this would be a very good thing, and
> > will be necessary eventually. I think that stability, both in interface
> > (most easily, and possibly best, achieved by sticking to OpenStep and
> > OPENSTEP) and implementation, is much more important than adding new
> > cocoa stuff. (This actually applies to more than just -gui.)
> Well we do have a clearly stated position:

Well, there are a bit too many probably:s and generally:s in that for me
to call it clear; I find the whole thing rather vague. Eg. when is there
a real problem, and when does something count as documented so we should
implement it?

> Although, it doesn't appear to be exactly what you would prefer.

Under "API", it is fairly clear that the goal is to follow cocoa, but
under "The Future" it says that the goal is to provide a superior
development environment "regardless of the commercial forces driving any
specific API.". How is this supposed to be read?

- Alexander Malmberg

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