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Re: Release schedule

From: Chris B. Vetter
Subject: Re: Release schedule
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 15:30:51 -0800

I admit, I'm not a programmer, and I may be missing the point, but...

On Tue, 1 Apr 2003 00:12:32 +0100 (BST)
Nicola Pero <address@hidden> wrote:
> This sentence directly upsets an important part of our user base, who
> *is* expecting us to track these changes.

... you'd rather implement a couple of classes of questionable or at
least limited use, like NSDrawer and NSToolbar, for a handful of
(undeniably noisy) people, that WANT it -- than have a stable foundation
you can depend on, which is what people NEED?

I don't get it.


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