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Re: Release schedule

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: Release schedule
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 03:01:40 +0200

Nicola Pero wrote:
> > Hmm, how about:
> > ""
> > The primary goal for core/ is to provide an implementation of the
> > FoundationKit and ApplicationKit interfaces of OPENSTEP, which was
> > essentially a superset of the OpenStep specification.
> >
> > OpenStep and OPENSTEP are static today. Apple provides Cocoa, which is
> > based on the same interfaces but has numerous additions and changes. It
> > is not our goal to track these changes.
> This sentence directly upsets an important part of our user base,

It isn't the only part of our user base, though.

> who *is*
> expecting us to track these changes.

But, unless I'm misunderstanding this completely, we aren't, and I think
we should be upfront about that:

Adam Fedor wrote:
> What I hope to convey is that we want 
> OpenStep/OPENSTEP compatibility, but we also want the flexibility, if 
> something in Cocoa is truely a better API, to implement that in 
> preference to the OpenStep API.

- Alexander Malmberg

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