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OpenStep Compliance and development process

From: Serg Stoyan
Subject: OpenStep Compliance and development process
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 22:44:01 +0300


Reading thread discuss about OpenStep compliance, fixes, enhancements, some
crazy though came into my mind. What do you think about class' maintainers?
We have many classes that need implementation, testing, fixing,
documenting. What if any person that interested in improvements of some
class become maintainer of this class? What does this process involves?

1. Add "Current maintainer: Name <email>" field at the beginning of .m and
   .h files. If there is no current maintainer "Name" replaced with
   "Nobody" or something.

2. Maintainer is responsible for fixing bugs, writing documentation and so

3. Maintainer know an exact state of development process of this class.

4. If someone wants to fix some bug, add patch or something, before doing
   this, can contact by email (specified in "Current maintainer" field)
   asking if this is not already in progress or any other question
   regarding this class or implementation details.

5. Anyone can become maintainer or resign it's maintainer state at any

So, what goal can be achieved with this approach? 
- First of all, anybody can see who is responsible/best informed regarding
  some class implementation.
- Second is an state of whole library/framework. Suppose some class is
  implemented and tested. We can fill "Current maintainer" field with e.g.
  "Considered implemented and bug free" so we can easily summarize the state
  of implementation of the whole library.
- Newbie to GNUstep can easily see what's done, and what should be done.

For example, I can get responsibility for:


as a related classes. Anyway, it's rather prototype of thought, than 
"GNUstep Class Maintainer Policy"... ;)

I'm not speaking about gnustep-base (FoundationKit), because it's rather
compliant with OpenStep, implemented and almost (there is no program
without bugs ;)) bug free.

Serg Stoyan

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