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ANN: GSHAL 0.1 and HardwareInformation 0.1

From: Chad Hardin
Subject: ANN: GSHAL 0.1 and HardwareInformation 0.1
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 19:21:25 -1000

What are they?
GSHAL is a wrapper around HAL, the hardware abstraction layer ( ), It allows GNUstep apps running on linux to get information about devices, even as they are added and removed.

HardwareInformation serves as example of how GSHAL can be used. It displays a tree of the computer's hardware devices along with a detailed description.

Of course you will need to install hal, which itself needs dbus ( ). Many distributions already package them.

Where to get GSHAL and HardwareInformation
They can get downloaded from


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