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ANN: dkautogen in DevelKit

From: Stefan Urbanek
Subject: ANN: dkautogen in DevelKit
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 13:37:37 -0400


I have recreated method-generation StepTalk script in ObjectiveC with
some improvements. It is now part of the DevelKit.


dkautogen - generate accessor (setter and getter), dealloc and archiving
method sources


(i'll update it in DevelKit CVS as soon as they process my new ssh key
on savannah)


To learn more type: dkautogen help
that will print this message:

Help for dkautogen

To each .h and corresponding .m file a category DKGenerated is appended.
If there is already such category, then it is replaced.

Instance variable keywords
  hidden - do not generate accessor methods
  exposed - expose accessor methods
  retained - object is retained by class
  notretained - object is NOT retained by class
  readonly - instance variable is read only (setter is not generated)
  notarchived - ignore in archiving
  object - instance variable of unknown type is an object (see below)

Class keywords (defaults for all instance variables)
  hidden - do not generate accessor methods
  exposed - expose accessor methods
  retained - all objects are retained by class
  notretained - no object is retained by class
  readonly - all instance variable are read only
  objects - assume all unknown types as objects
  customarchive - do not generate archiving methods
  nosuperarchive - do not call archiving in superclass
  customdealloc - do not generate -dealloc method

Known types
All standard C types including NSPoint, NSSize, NSRect and NSRange are
treated as non-objects. By default only id and Class types are treated
as objects.
Generated methods by default:
accessors (getter and setter), dealloc methon, initWithCoder:, and

How to use
Attributes are written in same comments used for auto-documentation.
They are separated from documentation by pipe '|' character. Example:

    NSString *name; /* Object name | object readonly retained */
Class defaults are written immediately before @interface:

    /* This is my class | nosuperarchive retained objects */
    @interface MyClass : NSObject

Preferences (also usable as switches on commandline with '-' prefix):
    interfaceTemplate      - path to .h file template
    implementationTemplate - path to .m file template
    beginTag               - tag used to mark beginning of generated
    endTag                 - tag used to mark end of generated code

    dkautogen -implementationTemplate MyTemplate.m SomeClass.h

Feedback in form of comments, patches and bugreports is welcome.


Stefan Urbanek

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then
you win.
- Mahatma Gandhi

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