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Re: OpenStep anniversary

From: Paul F. Kunz
Subject: Re: OpenStep anniversary
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 09:50:37 -0700

>>>>> On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 17:35:59 +0200, Dennis Leeuw <address@hidden> said:

> Just a quick starter, I don't have much time, so...

> 10 the magic number =================== Today the OpenStep API
> celebrates it's 10th anniversary. What started out as a joint
> adventure of NeXT and SUN to define an application development
> standard that would run on all machines, making a write once compile
> everywhere paradigma a reality, is still a vivid and active
> community of GNUstep, old NeXT and Apple lovers.

   Well, actually, I started GNUStep *before* OpenStep was announced.
The original GNUStep followed the NextStep 3.x API.

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