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Digitalization of GnuStep build processes

From: T.J. Yang
Subject: Digitalization of GnuStep build processes
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 13:58:20 -0500

I got rid of my NeXTCube and NeXTStation because
of guilt for not doing anything on it and no place to keep them.

Now the machines are gone, guilt is still here. So I want to
do something meaningful to me(hopefully to others too).

First thing I like to do is put the gnustep creation processes
in XML file so we can avoid how did you do that ? why mine
is not working type of questions.  Basically it is the processes
the process describe in that link will be digitalized in a
xml file and run by TWW CPAM tool(
CPAM= Cross-Platform Application Management.

I think it will be cool if GnuStep CPAD(Cross-Platform Application Development)
can meet TWW CPAM ;).

I am not expecting others to accept it. I need it to run in my
office and my home Unix machines.

Once I got it done, I will submit it for your review.

Your todo is to help me get over " not found" issue
in my previous email.


T.J. Yang

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