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different GNUstep questions and comments

From: Patrick Middleton
Subject: different GNUstep questions and comments
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 15:13:06 +0100

I'm a Cocoa developer. I first saw OPENSTEP running on NeXT hardware as the 4.0 prerelease 3 in late 1995, and then I went back to NX3.3. for a bit. I've worked on WebObjects and on OPENSTEP/Cocoa apps, on OPENSTEP/Mach, MacOSX, and WebObjectsDeveloper 4.5.1 on Windows. I've been asked to look at GNUstep (Windows/MinGW) with a view to porting some fairly big OPENSTEP/Mach projects.

The Windows standalone installer for the 1.10 make and base packages worked flawlessly.

I am now struggling to get together all the libraries for the GNUstep gui package to configure. It appears there's no current distribution of libpng that provides a prebuilt dll and import library and headers, for exmple. Trying to build one is problematic as the libpng project doesn't 'configure', and while there is a provided makefile for Cygwin, there isn't for MinGW. Similarly, I can build openssl 0.9.7e from source, as that does provide a configuration mechanism for MinGW, but the build products don't include DLLs and I'm not sure yet what to do about it. [Still, it's nice to be using something newer than a toolchain based on Cygwin, circa gcc- ]

Of course I could configure without openssl or png, but losing png in particular is going to compromise my evaluation.

One of the things that fascinated me about OPENSTEP/Mach was that having installed the Developer packages -- and there was a lot more to install than for the User operating system, especially if you installed to enable development on and for all supported architectures -- you were ready to go once the installer finished., without needing even a single reboot.

Is anybody working on a Windows standalone installer for the current GNUstep gui package?
And for ProjectCenter, GORM, and assorted other developer apps and tools?

-- Patrick

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