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[PATCH] -[NSWindow constrainFrameRect:toScreen: updated to match what is

From: Quentin Mathé
Subject: [PATCH] -[NSWindow constrainFrameRect:toScreen: updated to match what is permitted to the user
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 00:16:11 +0200


Well, here is a patch which improved -constrainFrameRect:toScreen: in order to match what the user is able to do by manipulating the NSWindow UI. Currently, it is not possible with setFrame:display: to have a window with a bottom border which extends below the bottom of the screen, however the user can do it by moving the window with its titlebar. That should be corrected but by taking in account the case when the bottom border of the window extends "too much" below the bottom border of the screen : "too much" equals to when the user cannot make the window fully visible by moving its titlebar to the top of the screen because of the excessive window height. As a side effect, this patch corrects the fact that the toolbar (NSToolbar) can be partially visible with the current -constraintFrameRect:toScreen: implementation when shown with its window near/below the bottom of the screen.

I think this patch is ok to commit, but I want to be sure there is no important thing which depends on this buggy behavior.


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Quentin Mathé

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