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Re: Recommended minimum information when submitting bugs...

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: Re: Recommended minimum information when submitting bugs...
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 18:03:04 +0100
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Maybe a special function in the Makefile system could solve this.
make bugreport
could collect all information needed and send a message.

Just 2 cents again... :)


Nicola Pero wrote:
I believe that the following minimum criteria isn't too much to expect when
someone submits a bug:

1) Processor Architechture
2) Operating System (including distribution, don't just say "Linux" also please
provide the kernel version)
3) Compiler Version
4) Base Version
5) Gui Version
6) What failed and in which app and precise steps to recreate the issue.
7) Any and all data which was used to cause the problem or, if such data can't
be provided, a representative test case which illustrates the issue.

If it's a building / makefile issue, all bug reports hoping for a quick
fix should include:

1. the GNUmakefiles that are being used;

2. the output of
make messages=yes

(or even 'make -d messages=yes')

... else from the typical report ("XXX doesn't compile on YYY", with no
log or explanation) is very difficult to figure out just what exactly the
problem is, particularly because in a released version of gnustep most
things have been at least marginally tested, so chances are when I try to
reproduce the bug on my machine, it all works, because the bug is caused
by some special condition / situation / tweak of that platform / makefile
/ setup.


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