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Jigs SimpleApp

From: Mathew McBride
Subject: Jigs SimpleApp
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2005 23:44:02 +1000
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Hi all,
Has anybody successfully run the Jigs SimpleApp test example recently? I've tried running it and it complains of undefined symbols (GSScreenNumber) in libgnustep-back-010. I'm using jdk-1.4 on Debian unstable

The same bug is present against Debian's unstable packages and CVS I've compiled myself with gcc-4. (Initially I thought this was a problem due to Debians gnustep packages being compiled with gcc-3.x and me compiling jigs with gcc-4. Nope.)

Out of interest, has anybody ever got jigs running using GNU Classpath and jamvm (or kaffe etc)?

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