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Re: pl2link not found when doing "sudo make install"

From: Frederico Muñoz
Subject: Re: pl2link not found when doing "sudo make install"
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 19:13:33 +0100

Hello Nicola,

On 8/24/05, Nicola Pero <address@hidden> wrote:
> It looks like a rule in application.make is being executed when it doesn't
> need to be.

Yes, line 284 in
("$(ECHO_CREATING)pl2link $^
$(APP_DIR)/Resources/$(GNUSTEP_INSTANCE).desktop$(END_ECHO)"); with
that line commented "sudo make install works". One doesn't get a
.desktop file though.
> If you want to compile your project with lots and lots of make debugging,
> such as 'make -d', and send me the result, I can look at it.

I can do that, and many thanks for your kind offer, but maybe it isn't
needed since the problem has been narrowed to that file, and it is
better to test with a testcase.

> Do you have a reproducible testcase ?  That's the easiest way for me to
> debug it.

Indeed I have, is at
; I simply created a new project with PC, added a window with Gorm,
and saved. Not a single manual edition was made, and not a single line
of code.

> I'm really really pressed with work at a moment and will be for a couple
> of weeks, so I can't investigate it easily now, but if it's just looking
> at a reproducible testcase I might be able to do. ;-)

There you have it then, but don't worry about it if you are time
pressed since it is a simple problem with a simple fix (or so I hope).

Thanks and regards,


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