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From: Nicola Pero
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 17:30:54 +0100 (BST)

Also, Resources/GNUmakefile has got the same error, 

-include $(GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT)/Makefiles/common.make

... not sure why there is a '-' at the beginning of the line, the '-' 
seems to be there just to make it more difficult to debug ? ;-)

... in my case the procedure aborts with shell errors because
$(INSTALL_DATA) ... but the root error is the common.make not being found,
even if you don't see that error 'cause there is the '-'.

Fixing those two bugs/problems, I could build and install libFoundation
with gnustep-make-1.11 OK. :-)


PS: I don't quite understand why libFoundation is using the gnu-gnu-gnu
library combo.  That caused conflicts with my gnustep-base installation,
which might confuse a normal user a lot.

> Now I'm trying to build libFoundation from trunk (downloaded from OGO's,
> last change in ChangeLog is 2005-08-29 Helge Hess), but has
> got an error --
> transformed_target_cpu=`${GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT}/Makefiles/ 
> should be
> transformed_target_cpu=`${GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES}/ ${TARGET_CPU}`
> Anyway, let's see if fixing this I can get to see the error.
> Thanks

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