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Re: Diff to make core compile with gcc-4.1 prerelease

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Diff to make core compile with gcc-4.1 prerelease
Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 09:38:08 +0000

On 2005-10-07 08:20:56 +0000 David Ayers <address@hidden> wrote:

but this is not what we are doing, as long and int are distinct types.
As you noticed this would have been an error in previous versions of GCC.

In our case there are the special ObjC semantics that any objects could
be matched to 'id'.  And even if 'id' were not present and only
"NSObject *" were, then the compiler should use that for any
identifiable subclass of NSObject.

I would tend to agree with Richard that this is a compiler bug and maybe
we should add something like the attached test case to gcc...

In fairness, the ability to cast to a union is actually a gcc extension, not part of any C standard ... so I think the correct behavior is whatever the gcc maintainers say it is.

Also, I did a test casting a 'char*' to a union containing a 'void*' element ... which I would also have expected to work since, in C a void* relates to any other pointer type in much the same way that in ObjC an id relates to any instance of a class.

The compiler complained about this too ... so it seems to be consistent in requiring an *exact* type match.

However, while this cast to union feature is non-standard anyway its behavior is therefore hard to classify as a definite bug, I do think the new behavior is non-intuitive, and it would be better if it handled assignment of any pointer to a void* member and any object to an id member, for consistency with the normal rules of C and ObjC. I guess the current rationale is probably that a union may have two or more members which a value could be cast to using normal casting rules, so it uses only exact matches to avoid any confusion ... but I think casts to any element of equivalent type should be allowed.

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