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Re: Proposal: Subversion Migration

From: Gregory John Casamento
Subject: Re: Proposal: Subversion Migration
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 21:15:24 -0700 (PDT)


--- Alex Perez <address@hidden> wrote:

> This is what permanent HTTP redirects are for. Please, if we were to go 
> the route of moving,  don't request that a nasty page with a "please 
> click on the link below or a meta-redirect be set up when there is a 
> proper solution (HTTP redirect, which is a one-liner, specified in the 
> apache config for (as I write 
> this, savannah seems to be offline, as I cannot visit it via HTTP or 
> HTTPS nor ping it)

While I agree in circumstances where the webpage is entirely under our control
that a HTTP redirect is the best solution, I suggested this because it doesn't
seem likely to me that they will put up such a redirect.   What we ultimately
end up doing to get people to go to the site instead of savannah is
entirely dependant on what the savannah folks are willing to change.

We should have a look at what other projects which have moved in the past have
done to address this precise issue.

Later, GJC

Gregory John Casamento 
-- CEO/President Open Logic Corp. (A MD Corp.)
## Maintainer of Gorm (IB Equiv.) for GNUstep.

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