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Re: why do we need change?

From: Gregory John Casamento
Subject: Re: why do we need change?
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 22:19:12 -0700 (PDT)


--- Dennis Leeuw <address@hidden> wrote:

> Actually I think Riccardo has some valid points.
> I would love to see Cameleon integrated into -core, but marketing wise I 
> think releasing GNUstep 1.0, would do us more good then anything else.

Some of this is complicated by the fact that the different components of
GNUstep are versioned separately: gui 0.11.1, base 1.11.0, etc.   We should
probably declare "GNUStep 1.0" when gui reaches 1.0.   
> With a 1.0 release the exposure we get from all the news sites would be 
> tremendous. So a feature freeze (a stable API would also make it more 
> easier to write apps, no more messages telling people to use the GNUstep 
> CVS version to get a certain app running) and fixing the remaining 
> issues might actually be a good idea.
> To get to 1.0 I think a roadmap is needed. Looking at:
> Maybe someone should define which one of those tasks needs to be 
> completed before GNUstep can be 1.0. And those points should be made 
> more visible on the website, as to get peoples attention.
> All other stuff should be done in a post 1.0 branch or even not 
> excepted, until after the 1.0 release.

I believe that first and foremost we need to stop tying ourselves to the
OpenStep specification.   Yes, it is a good guideline, but I don't think we
should use it as a measure for the 1.0 anymore.

Some of the AppKit classes in it are not used any longer and thus we really
shouldn't see these as showstoppers for the 1.0.   We need to come up with a
list of things which should be accomplished prior to the 1.0 release of
GNUStep-gui.   Once this is done, we should announce GNUstep 1.0 to the world.

> The old website had a clear list of ToDo things for every release, and I 
> can not find that anymore. Maybe it would be good to recreate that on 
> the progress page:

Excellent idea.

> Dennis

Later, GJC

Gregory John Casamento 
-- CEO/President Open Logic Corp. (A MD Corp.)
## Maintainer of Gorm (IB Equiv.) for GNUstep.

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