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Re: The goal of GNUstep 1.0 (Why Unanimous Consent Doesn't Work)

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: The goal of GNUstep 1.0 (Why Unanimous Consent Doesn't Work)
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 14:29:15 +0100

On 2005-10-26 12:13:41 +0100 Dennis Leeuw <address@hidden> wrote:

1. window manager interaction ... I want clicking on windows to work *reliably*, so that when I click on any GNUstep window a. The application activates (shows its menu and panels, and raises the window clicked on).
b. The clicked winbdow starts accepting keyboard input
c. any other GNUstep application deactivates (hides its menu and panels)

2. popup/pulldown menu operation ... sometimes (often) popup menus seem to fail to track the mouse, so you can't select their buttons.

These points seem to me are THE goals for a 1.0 release. My question is about the next one. How much I would want to have Camaelon integrated I think it would be wise to move it to e.g. 1.1.
What do you think?

Well I *think* that Camaeleon integration should be a relatively straightforward task, and while I have no personal need for it, the topic of themes interests a lot of people, so I would *like* to see it real soon.

Here my question is also, is Windows a 1.0 goal or should it be post-1.0?

I don't think so ... my feeling is that it would be a lot of work to get to the level of polish needed for a 1.0 release ... so unless we are setting this 1.0 release target quite a long time away, I think it's impractical to include windows as part of the 1.0 gui release.

I suggested three targets as general medium term project aims (a general roadmap if you like), in the order that's my best guess as to priority for the purposes of popularising GNUstep. I think we should concentrate on the first, but keep the others in mind.

So, to get back to the 1.0 release idea ...
Highest priority ... fixing bugs that annoy people when they are using the gui (I'm sure other people use different apps and have different annoyances) ... I view that as essential for a release ... but it doesn't mean we shouldn't be improving documentation and testsuite and adding things like Camaeleon too.

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