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1.0 and 1.1 goals

From: Riccardo
Subject: 1.0 and 1.1 goals
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 20:09:31 +0200


reading the mails for Nicola, Richard and others, I quite agree on the points to tackle to improve GNUstep. Personally the priority I would lay out would be:

- fix of the focus & clicking and pulldown menus problems mentioned by Richard - fix of several small details, like being unable to assign "enter" as a shortcut for a button and other bugs in the bugtracker - reliable ms-windows operation, albeit with standard look and unix-style things - at least mirroring or of the most important applications and assuring that they work reasonably well (*) - better website (this is related also with the previous point). This matter was already topic of many discussions and flames, I wouldn't start them again. - first work with the mew -make as mentioned by Nicola, I won't repeat his exhaustive explanations. Some might be useful for ms-windows I understand. - testing of gnsutep so that when it gets released it can be easily packaged for debian, gentoo and other major distrubitions as well as net/freebsd and solaris.
- improve printing

I'd think of about a 6 month timeframe for 1.0 starting from today and I would think it positive that when 1.0 gets released a new livecd gets out.

I wouldn't set any target of "compliance of x% to openstep or macosx version x.y". It is dumb, in my opinion. I'd prefer that what is there and what is needed by the application we more or less officially back for 1.0 works flawlessy.

- integration with camaleon
- "final" ms-windows support with both native and traditional look. Possible better integration with windows-style daemons, DnD, clipboard... - better integration of the mirrored and included application, as far as data formats, drag&drop goes...
- definitive switch to the new configuration system Nicola mentions
- complete documentation for all implemented classes with correct release availability and version (when introduced, known differences between gnustp, openstep, apple...)

The order doesn't mean that things from 1.1 can't be already at least partially implemented when 1.0 is released, but that we should release 1.0 only when those things are done.


(*) I understand that several people could find it a hassle to add their application to gnustep due to copyright issues. We shouldn't ignore projects as GAP which I would consider "semi-official" at least. Other essential tools like Preferences and Terminal are currently in backbone. A way to better work with that project before attempting to fork() is think a good idea.

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