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RE: The goal of GNUstep 1.0 (Why Unanimous Consent Doesn't Work)

From: Fabien VALLON
Subject: RE: The goal of GNUstep 1.0 (Why Unanimous Consent Doesn't Work)
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 15:06:22 +0200 (CEST)
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On Mer 26 octobre 2005 17:45, Adam Fedor wrote:

> What bugs are you talking about? Perhaps we should prioritize the bugs in
> the bug database...

Maybye a TODO list ( Roadmap )  before a 1.0 ?
Or maybye put all this TODO list in the bug system with a special
entry/status ?

I checked quickly some classes in AppKit ( with the OpenStep specs )  to
see if all methods are implements :

This is what I found ( from NSActionCell to NSImage )

* NSActionCell:
// TODO: This should also set the font of the text object, when selected

* NSApplication :
// TODO: Currently the flag is ignored
 /* We need give input focus to some window otherwise we'll never get
   keyboard events. FIXME: doesn't work. */

// FIXME: main window is not saved for when the app is activated again.
// This is not a problem if it is also key, and I'm not sure if it
// is a problem at all. May be annoying in the case of workspace switch.

makeWindowsPerform: inOrder:
// FIXME flag ignored


* NSBitmapImageRep :

//FIXME: This only outputs one of the ImageReps

TIFFRepresentationOfImageRepsInArray: usingCompression: factor:
//FIXME: This only outputs one of the ImageReps

* NSBox:

// TODO: implement the macosx behaviour for setTitle:
( Note :  not now )

* NSBrowser :
- (float) titleHeight
  // Nextish look requires 21 here
  return 21;
(Note : looks strange ?)

 // xxx what does this one do?

tile:   // FIXME: in some cases the column is not loaded

* NSButtonCell :
setImagePosition:   // In the GNUstep NSButtonCell implementation, the
cell type depends only on the image position. ( is it correct ? )
setType: Ditto

* NSCachedImageRep :
initWithSize: depth:separate: alpha:
// FIXME: Only create new window when separate is YES

* NSCell :

cellSizeForBounds: // TODO: Resize the text to fit
Sets whether the NSCell's text is word-wrapped. : Does it work ??

editWithFrame:  inView:editor: delegate: event:
* FIXME/TODO make sure this is correct. */
selectWithFrame: inView: editor: delegate: start: length:
/* FIXME/TODO make sure this is correct. */
 setEntryType:   // TODO: This should select a suitable formatter

setFloatingPointFormat: left: right:
// TODO: Pass this on to the formatter to handle

drawInteriorWithFrame: inView:
  //FIXME: Check if this is also neccessary for images,
  // Add spacing between border and inside

highlight: withFrame: inView:
/* FIXME - This looks like potentially generating an
* infinite loop!  The control asking the cell to draw
* itself in the rect, the cell asking the control to draw
* the rect, the control asking the cell to draw itself in
* the rect, the cell ...
* I think we should remove it.  The control is responsible
* for using the cell to draw, not vice versa.

- (void) getPeriodicDelay: (float*)delay interval: (float*)interval
  *delay = 0.1;
  *interval = 0.1;
( Note no configuration ? )

  /* Ahm - not nice - the RETAIN here could cause retain cycles - anyway. */

* NSClipView :

 /* TODO: Adjust the key view loop to include the new document view */
 initWithCoder:  // FIXME setCopiesOnScroll: setDrawsBackground:

NSCoderAddition : Pre OpenStep ( check the doc )

* NSColor:
CMYK color ( ? check doc ) : Retrieving a Set of Components methods

colorUsingColorSpaceName: device:
// FIXME: If the deviceDescription is nil, we should get it from the
// current view or printer
// Is there a cache hit?
// FIXME How would we detect that the cache has become invalid by a
// change to the colour list?

colorWithAlphaComponent: // FIXME: We cannot convert to named color space.
colorFromPasteboard:   // FIXME: This should better use the description
writeToPasteboard: // FIXME: We should better use the description
encodeWithCoder:  // FIXME: Missing handling of alpha value

* NSColorList:

 initWithName: fromFile:
// TODO [Optm]: Rewrite to initialize directly without unarchiving
// in another object

 // FIXME the standard path for saving color lists?

   * Load color lists found in standard paths into the array
   * FIXME: Check exactly where in the directory tree we should scan.

//FIXME- replace this by switch on method to different
// NSColor initializers

* NSCursor :

 hotSpot   // FIXME: This wont work for the standard cursor
 image   // FIXME: This wont work for the standard cursor
encodeWithCoder:   // FIXME: This wont work for the two standard cursor
initWithcoder: // FIXME

* NSCustomImageRep:

/* WARNING: Retaining the delegate may or may not create a cyclic graph */

* NSDataLink: Does it work ?

* NSDataLinkManager
addLinkAsMarker: at:   // FIXME: Marker?

* NSDataLinkPanel
accessoryView   // not yet implemented.
setAccessoryView:   // not yet implemented.

widths: not implemented ( ? )
encodeWithCoder:  // FIXME: Many cases still missing
initWithCoder: //FIXME

* NSFontManager

setSelectedFont: isMultiple:
       * FIXME: We should check if that trait is available
       * We keep the tag, to mark the item
// TODO Update the rest of the font menu to reflect this font

* NSFontPanel

//TODO: We go over every item in the panel and check if a
// value is selected. If so we send it on to the manager
 //  newFont = [fm convertFont: fontObject toHaveTrait: NSItalicFontMask];

setPanelFont: isMultiple:
 // TODO: Unselect all items and show a messaeg
orderWindow: relativeTo: (? )

* NSImage

  // Optimized as this is called very often from NSImageCell

  /* FIXME: Here we are supposed to composite directly from the source
    but how do you do that? */

/* FIXME: We could try to use the current printer,
   but there are many cases where might
   not be printing (EPS, PDF, etc) to a specific device */

  /* Go through all our representations and determine if at least one
     is a valid cache */
  // FIXME: Not sure if this is correct

      // FIXME: This should use [NSBundle pathForImageResource], but this
      // only allow imageUnfilteredFileTypes.
      /* If there is no image with that name, search in the main bundle */

  // FIXME: maybe we should retain if _flags.dataRetained = NO

      // FIXME: The documentation says to archive only the file name,
      // if not data retained!
       * Now encode an array of all the image reps (excluding cache)

 flags = [coder decodeIntForKey: @"NSImageFlags"];
 // FIXME: NSReps is in a strange format. It is a mutable array with one
  // element which is an array with a first element 0 and than the image rep.

You can add those bugs :

NSApplication: #14759
NSBrowser :   #4690  #10767
NSCursor ( ? ) :  #5871
NSColorPicker ( ? ) : bug #9417
NSButtonCell #4635


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