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Re: The goal of GNUstep 1.0

From: Fabien VALLON
Subject: Re: The goal of GNUstep 1.0
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 18:52:47 +0200 (CEST)
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On Jeu 27 octobre 2005 18:33, Adrian Robert wrote:
> On Oct 27, 2005, at 9:06 AM, Fabien VALLON wrote:
>> On Mer 26 octobre 2005 17:45, Adam Fedor wrote:
>>> What bugs are you talking about? Perhaps we should prioritize the
>>> bugs in
>>> the bug database...
>> Maybye a TODO list ( Roadmap )  before a 1.0 ?
>> Or maybye put all this TODO list in the bug system with a special
>> entry/status ?
>> I checked quickly some classes in AppKit ( with the OpenStep
>> specs )  to
>> see if all methods are implements :
> Great post.  This is exactly what we need (IMHO).  Then we put them
> into a task list and prioritize them according to must-have-by-1.0
> and otherwise..
> In Foundation, NSNumberFormatter still needs work (Fred just recently
> started on it), and perhaps we should add the NSMessagePort
> implementation on Windows that Richard has talked about to the 1.0
> list?  I don't know if someone is willing to work on it, but I feel a
> fully functional Make/Base (not GUI/Back) on Windows should be
> prerequisite to 1.0 release.
> There are a number of other "FIXME"s in the Base code, but assumedly
> most of these are icing-on-the-cake that can wait (as, hopefully, are
> many of the ones in GUI):

I updated my tests/checks and put it here :

I think we should check the ref. manuals and the OpenStep compliance
documentations :

It would be nice to have an OpenStep only output or at least methods in a
different color.
I saw that some classes have no documentation and some other are an
OpenStep copy ( is it safe ? )

Some/lot of methods have availabilty flag at :
"Not in OpenStep/MacOS-X"


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