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Re: GNUstep moving forward

From: Serg Stoyan
Subject: Re: GNUstep moving forward
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 01:37:08 +0300
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On Monday 24 October 2005 21:40, Sašo Kiselkov wrote:
> Quoting Adrian Robert <address@hidden>:
> > I strongly encourage you to think about working on Project Center.
> > Much of the grunt work that you'll have to redo is already done, it has
> > a nice clean interface so far, with plenty of scope for extension, and
> > it's design is fundamentally familiar to Apple developers, so more
> > widespread adoption is likely.  If you still want to explore making
> > your own IDE for a while, please at least consider integrating some of
> > your code into ProjectCenter at some point.
> >
> > thanks,
> > Adrian
> I know that extending ProjectCenter might be a nice and great way to reuse
> it's code, but personally I'd like to redesign some of it's aspects from
> grounds up and integrating those changes in PC would be basically redoing
> much of it, introducing new bugs and a lot of headche than if I did it from
> scratch.
> As for the editor: having interfaces to various user-configurable editors
> is great, but it would be ok to have a usable one in the base package as
> well... Just have something, extensions can be added later.

All you mentioned before has already implemented in ProjectCenter or planned 
to be implemented. You can see in Documentaion/TODO file.

I know I have to post new ProjectCenter development plans and current state. 
In short, now I've almost finished redesign bunle management (on-deman 
loading of bundles). I come to this decision after I started to work on 
editor. Next week I'll be offline(business trip). After that I plan to commit 
changes to UNSTABLE_0_5 branch. Do you still have no time to see what the 
ProjectCenter is now?

If you have working fast editor with features toy mentioned before I'll be 
glad to redesign ProjectCenter (if it would be sane) and integrate it.

> That's my opinion.

Serg Stoyan

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