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NSCell doc [OpenStep release]

From: Fabien VALLON
Subject: NSCell doc [OpenStep release]
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 12:15:26 +0100 (CET)
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In attachment : NSCell

It is not yet fully documented, furthermore English is not my native
language so the expressions may not be perfect.

- All methods have wrong availability flags.
- Warnings and comments found in the code :

cellSizeForBounds: // TODO: Resize the text to fit
Sets whether the NSCell's text is word-wrapped. : Does it work ??

editWithFrame:  inView:editor: delegate: event:
/* FIXME/TODO make sure this is correct. */

selectWithFrame: inView: editor: delegate: start: length:
/* FIXME/TODO make sure this is correct. */

setEntryType:   // TODO: This should select a suitable formatter

setFloatingPointFormat: left: right:
// TODO: Pass this on to the formatter to handle

drawInteriorWithFrame: inView:
  //FIXME: Check if this is also neccessary for images,
  // Add spacing between border and inside

highlight: withFrame: inView:
/* FIXME - This looks like potentially generating an
* infinite loop!  The control asking the cell to draw
* itself in the rect, the cell asking the control to draw
* the rect, the control asking the cell to draw itself in
* the rect, the cell ...
* I think we should remove it.  The control is responsible
* for using the cell to draw, not vice versa.

Strange / Hardcode / put it in static ?
- (void) getPeriodicDelay: (float*)delay interval: (float*)interval
  *delay = 0.1;
  *interval = 0.1;

/* Ahm - not nice - the RETAIN here could cause retain cycles - anyway. */


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