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Re: Getting started with software developing with GnuStep on Windows

From: Ingolf Jandt
Subject: Re: Getting started with software developing with GnuStep on Windows
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 01:39:54 +0000 (UTC)
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Roger Persson <rogper <at>> writes:

> This is my first question on this list. Does "developer" on this list to
> those developing the GnuStep library, or does it refers to software
> developers using the GnuStep library, or does it refers to both? 
It is about developing gnustep. There is a help-gnustep list and others, too.

> What do I need to get started building software on Windows using Cocoa /
> GnuStep? 
> I tried builing a very simple app, but the Makefile system didn't work
> because I fail running the set-up script. Am I suppose to use another
> terminal other than the DOS-prompt cmd.exe?
You need to install the Windows binary package (see homepage) or alternatively
follow the mingw-howto (see download page). This will install the needed
libraries and the terminal to build your apps in.

> Is GnuStep on Windows suitable for building "stand-alone" software on
> Windows?
Yes, you can ship your app standalone. This is manly done by copying the dlls
into you app's directory and a line of code to search them there. (There is a
howto somewhere.) There is momentarily no makefile directive or so to automate 
> I mean, does an application require many DLLs files to run, or is the
> GnuStep fully a static library ?
Static linking is not funcioning at the moment.

> Does an application require other things like a Info.plist file or a BSD
> directory structure (Library, System, Users, etc..) to run?
A certain directory structure is assumed by default. But with the above scheme
those directories are set to your app's dir as mentioned (or a place of your

Much delight with GNUstep!

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