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From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: GNUstep ROADMAP
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 08:16:49 +0000

On 26 Nov 2005, at 06:05, Gregory John Casamento wrote:

Here is the Roadmap:

If you are a maintainer, please make any changes for your section that you deem

Rather than changing anything, I'd like to query some things because things on that page differ from my impressions of what's been discussed on the mailing list, so I guess I'm missing out on stuff.

GNUstep 1.0

1. it says current base/make/back ... but what about ms-windows support ... I'm guessing we want base/make/back fixes/improvements for windows as it's not nearly such a good state as unix-style systems. I'm not sure this is a 1.1 issue rather than 1.0 This also ignores the fact that window manager interaction (focus in particular) is undoubtedly the biggest problem with current apps, and is a backend issue at least as much as a gui issue.

2. gui seems wildly ambitious (complete coding on all existing classes) .
I'm not sure what 'improve printing support' entails
The 'fix major bugs' is obviously required, but we should decide on what those bugs are I haven't heard anyone suggesting removal of classes before, and I don't approve of the idea ... rather we should have *big* warnings about works in progress so that people don't try to use them unless they are also willing to work on improving them. (ie clear information in the docs and warnings generated at runtime).

GNUstep  1.1

Integrate camaelon into gui ... I think this should be in 1.0 as a matter of practicality ... as far as I can see, this is an easily achievable target, so why not do it soon.

Integration of WildMenus ... I haven't looked at this, so i don't know, but seems reasonable.

Breakup of gui and base into component libraries ... I've never heard of this and haven't seen anything saying why it would be at all desirable, let alone worth making into a target.

Make GNUstep more compliant with the FHS as an option ... this ought to be quite easy ... so why not make it part of 1.0 if it's actually a good 'selling' point?

Better Windows support ... yes ... but we need to get windows users to define what they need improving

Nib support in gui and Gorm ... you know best on this ... very good if you can do it in time for a 1.1 release

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