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Re: Camaelon crashing

From: oliver frommel
Subject: Re: Camaelon crashing
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 15:29:44 +0100
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> >
> > Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?
> > Is anyone still working on Camaelon?
> > How about the state of general theme support through it?
> Well, it should work, and I'm working on Camaelon.
> Which version did you use ? the one from Etoile's cvs, or the one
> from the svn ? We recently moved to svn, so the cvs version is
> deprecated..

I was using the snapshot tgz from the Etoile website.
> Secondly, you need a recent version of the GNUstep gui libraries
> -- with the svn version of Camaelon, you possibly need the GNUstep
> cvs version actually.

Ok, I will try to checkout all of GNUstep from Subversion then.
> Lastly, did you install a theme ? And which one ? because at the moment
> only Nesedah is working (Nesedah.theme.tgz on,
> SimpleUI.theme.tgz is a bit outdated, while I use Nesedah to test things so
> it's sure to be up to date.

Yes, I installed SimpleUI. I will try Nesedah, too.

> Considering the general state of theming in GNUstep, well, it works
> through Camaelon,
> and I'm also working on integrating directly on gnustep the parts of
> Camaelon that
> modify AppKit widgets' drawing, so it will be even easier to create a
> theme engine
> (other than using Camaelon, say, if you want a theme engine for
> GNUstep/Windows that
> will use the Win32 theme api in order to have a proper integration..
> or if you want a "programmed" theme)

Thanks a lot for your clarifications.

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