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Re: Arch support on Savannah

From: Quentin Mathé
Subject: Re: Arch support on Savannah
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 01:49:30 +0100

Le 9 déc. 05 à 00:11, Adam Fedor a écrit :

FYI, has Arch support now. There's at least a possibility it will have Savannah as well by the end of the month. If not though, we should look into moving to Arch.

Hi Adam,

I suppose by 'Savannah' the second time, you mean 'Subversion' in fact ?

I think Subversion would be a better choice, because Arch is complicated to use imho. Arch would be a way more radical move than cvs to svn. However I would prefer moving to Arch than sticking with cvs.


Quentin Mathé

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