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From: Enrico Sersale
Subject: NSHelpManager
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 17:14:54 +0300

I'm implementing an help for GWorkspace using contents taken from the Dennis's 
But there are some problems that should be fixed in -gui.

- NSHelpManager.h is not included in AppKit.h.

- NSHelpManager doesn't find localized resources; I think that it should use 
something like -pathForNibResource: in NSBundleAdditions.
Moreover, the actual implementation has "rtf" hardcoded as argument for 
-pathForResource:ofType: and doesn't let you use rtfd files for your help.

- the -contextHelpForKey: method, implemented in a category of NSBundle, is totally 
wrong; it retains variables that can be nil and, again, has "rtf" hardcoded.

- GSHelpManagerPanel should be totally rewritten.

I've a -pathForHelpResource: method and a different implementation of 
-contextHelpForKey: that fix these problems. Rewriting GSHelpManagerPanel 
should be very easy.

I'm writing this mail because these changes imply adding NSHelpManager.h in 
AppKit.h and a method declaration in NSHelpManager.h. No new ivars. So, I think 
that this should not break binary compatibility, but, before committing, I'd 
want to be sure... (never understood very well this binary compatibility 

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