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Re: Win32 Text Rendering

From: Alex Perez
Subject: Re: Win32 Text Rendering
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2007 15:33:58 -0800
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Christopher Armstrong wrote:
Hi all

I'm currently running GNUstep SVN on Windows. I'm experiencing very
unusual text rendering, where it appears strings are being rendered with
giant spaces in them (about 5-10 characters wide).  It seems these
spaces are inserted at about the 16th character in each string. They
also make the dialog or view they are in bigger than usual.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I've never experienced it in the
past, and I don't experience it with the previous GNUstep release
version. The link below is a screenshot of the Info Panel:

Weird! Which back-end are you using? Win32? If so, I thought we were going that in favor of cairo under win32. Has that not happened yet. As for the sixteen-character spacing weirdness, I seem to *very* vaguely recall Alexander Malmberg doing something pertaining to this in the art back-end (but perhaps it was more generic, this was at least a few years ago) pertaining to text and sixteen character blocks...but I don't know why I remember might be worth your while to search the dev mailing list archive for his name and/or sixteen/16 and see if you get any pertinent info back.

Let us know if you figure it out. If you could try a previous version of SVN to try to determine when the problem began, we could work backwards from there and figure out which patch/revision caused the breakage, as it was certainly probably meant to be a fix for something else, which had unintended consequences.



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